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Transform Art & Exhibits 

Using Augmented Reality (AR) we create 2D/3D experiences and interactive engagements that project from art and exhibits that entertain, educate and elucidate science, sports, culture, technology, nature, history and the universe.

We remove the barriers between your viewers and art with unforgettable, extraordinary, immersive AR stories.

AR experiential engagements are the highly sought after one-on-one, focused, interactive, entertaining, 2D/3D, story presentation models with a captive audience zeroed-in on your persuasive and fascinating visual and audio narrative, for up to 60 seconds.


What We Do

VWE is the curator of your “Augmented Domain!”

We build and manage your custom business AR “artworks” channel that is a repository of images (art, objects and exhibits) connected to 2D/3D animations, objects, films, audio and music on an annual subscription with our AR technology partner and App provider Artivive, designed for artists, galleries and museums.

40+ Years of Expertise in Creative and Technology Applications

The channel features the free user AR app, 2D/3D creation and broadcast software, valuable intelligence and statistics plus interactive on-screen Website and Social Media links.


It Works

We offer a proven, customized AR experiential system that has been successfully deployed for over nine years that focuses the viewer exclusively at your art, exhibit, video and audio story and message.

These bespoke AR experiential interactions  produce visually compelling stories, films,  animations in full stereo that project off of art, exhibits, murals, architecture, landscapes, games, teaching materials, merchandise, T-shirts, cards, posters and books that keep your viewer's unbelievable memories alive long after the show.

40+ Years of Expertise in Creative and Technology Applications


Not Our First Rodeo

VWE has over 30 years of experience consulting, producing and directing advertising, PR, graphic design, social media, website, promotions, sales, apparel, events, film and entertainment campaigns exploiting leading edge creative and technology collaborations with top companies and organizations.

Tech-society are like surfers, always searching for the next best wave of imaginative and interactive diversions, so catch the wave now and take advantage of your smart phone social media consuming audience.

40+ Years of Expertise in Creative and Technology Applications

Virtual World Exhibits will collaborate with you to find an affordable and implementable model that matches your budget, philosophy, goals and expectations.

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