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All Are Welcome

Virtual World Exhibits opens the door for any type of museum, school or institution to reap the benefits of Virtual Reality. All categories are inclusive regardless of size, subject matter, location or student population. We will work together to uncover the most paramount knowledge and enlightenment you desire to share with your audience, then use 3D Stereoscopic Virtual Reality
presentations to illuminate the story in an entertaining and unforgettable performance.

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You Are On The List

Aeronautical, Astronautical & Astronomical Museums & Planetariums
Agricultural Museums
Anthropological Museums & Collections
Aquariums & Zoos
Arboretums, Botanical & Open-Air Museums
Archaeological Museums & Collections
Architectural Museums
Art Museums & Galleries
Children's Museums
College Museums
Costume Museums
Cultural Museums

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Difficult History Museums & Dark Tourism
Entertainment Museums

Ethnological Museums & Collections
Geographical & Geological Museums

Historical Museums
High Schools, Colleges & Universities
Holocaust Museums
Industrial Museums
Maritime Museums
Medical & Pathological Museums
Military Museums
Music Museums
National Museums

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Natural History Museums
Numismatic Museums
Photography Museums
School Museums
Science & Technology Museums
Sculpture Galleries
Sites & Memorials
Sports Museums & Halls of Fame
Textile Museums
Theme & National Parks
Transportation, Auto, Aviation & Railroad Museums
Weird Museums
Zoological Museums

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