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Virtual World Exhibits enhances your museum,  non-profit, park, zoo or art gallery by digitizing your collections and providing eye-popping VR and AR entertainment, raising awareness of critical world issues, education, generating more visitors, boosting revenues and donations plus branding your institution as a leader.

Our objective is to help you invent fascinating, irresistible, riveting VR and AR experiences as a unique engagement or to expand a current showing or exhibit, plus consult on marketing, branding, advertising, PR, social media, sales, merchandise and promotional campaigns to drive visitors to your location, website and mobile app.


INTERACTIVE VR 3D BOOTHS – Museum visitors can indulge in a three minute immersive VR 3D stereoscopic player controlled simulation that allows them to manipulate a character in an interactive environment – like a VR arcade game – in one of five or six temporary booths strategically placed near an exhibit or art piece.

VR 3D MOVIE THEATER – Your audience is treated to a fully immersive, cinematic, surround sound, 3D Stereoscopic 10 minute film that features high definition, fastest refresh rates and widest angles so when viewers turn their heads side to side or up and down they see and feel the world without distortion or dizziness. This theater can be set up in a minimum 20’ by 20’ area with 20 seats to unlimited seats.

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ONLINE INTERACTIVE VR MUSEUM TOUR – Take your online visitors beyond the exhibits and art and into an immersive 3D stereoscopic, wide angle, surround sound, narrated digitized realm that offers a totally unique experience not available on location. Virtual visitors can step through the barriers and wander through an exhibit, touch a creature or pass through a painting into the artist’s studio.

CUSTOM VR FILMS, SHOWS, GAMES, ANIMATIONS, EXPERIENCES – This includes using your already created HD films and animations and turning them into 3D VR content or creating new stories, from concept to finished piece using CG and special FX for modeling, motion graphics, animations, editing, titles, narration, sound effects and menus.


AR EXHIBITS AND ART – We create branded mobile AR apps, as well as 2D/3D animations, games, films or videos with surround sound or narration so when the guests open the app and aim it at an exhibit, creature, statue, sculptor, painting, art work, fossil, architecture or QR Code the 2D/3D content will come to life that includes educational and informational captions.

AR GAMES – Visitors use the AR app to follow maps, solve puzzles and find treasures, objects, coins, art, fossils or creatures, that appear in 2D/3D animations, films or interactions hidden throughout the museum. They can collect the treasures to get discounts on merchandise.

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AR MERCHANDISE AND APPAREL – Shoppers use the AR app to project 2D/3D animations or films from the art and designs on merchandise like T-shirts, apparel, hats, posters, books, packaging and cards. Now they can take the experience home and share it .

Virtual World Exhibits will collaborate with your museum or art gallery to find an affordable and implementable model that matches your budget, philosophy, values, goals and expectations.

Contact Michael for a free consultation to discover and bring to fruition your Virtual World Exhibits.

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